Thursday, June 30, 2011

Third Peak Summit Register

On a lot of the "minor" Organ mountain summits, I cannot find an old summit register. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this old film cannister on the top of 3rd Peak back in May. The 3 tiny sheets of paper in it date back to the 50s. Nothing more recent than 1972, wow!


Frank Heide said...

you should have left that piece of history up there.

Aaron Hobson said...

I understand Frank's concern, and I think I share it in many respects. That is why I transcribed the summit register I found and placed a copy of the transcription back on the peak. IN my view, this preserves the historic messages, but keeps them legible for many more years to come. I;ve run into many a ruined summit register and lamented the fact that the history was lost due to the passage of time. Hopefully, my contribution can keep the history alive for a little bit longer.